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Your organization has decided to implement a Service Desk according to ITIL best practices. During the last meeting of the Service Desk …

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Your organization has decided to implement a Service Desk according to ITIL best practices. During the last meeting of the Service Desk implementation project team, there was a lot of confusion between the various types of Service Desks. As the newly appointed ITIL Service Desk Supervisor, you ask the members of the project team to draft an objective for the current, in-place structure in order to differentiate between the types of desks. The following objective is drafted by them:

Professionally manage, coordinate and resolve all calls and emails as quickly as possible and to ensure that no request is lost, forgotten or ignored.

Which of the following structures is the stated objective mostly applicable to?

  • Call Centre
  • Help Desk
  • Service Desk


Every incident, service request and inquiry, should be recorded by the ITIL Service Desk. Furthermore, according to the best practice, the incident record should be updated by recording every subsequent contact with the user, such as user inquiry of incident status, request for speedier service, etc.

What business value is realized when the incident record is updated with every subsequent user contact?

  • This assists in better understanding of user requirements and enables better follow-up service by Service Desk staff.
  • This enables better incident and problem investigation and resolution.
  • This helps to perform better root cause analysis.


As a Service Desk agent, one of your tasks is to keep affected users informed about the progress of outstanding incidents. When reviewing a particular incident record from yesterday morning you realize that it has not been updated at all since it was escalated yesterday afternoon. According to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for this type of incident you need to provide the end-user with a progress report within 24 hours. However, for this Incident, the SLA requirement has now been, breached.

What should be done in this situation?

  • Contact the end-user and tell them that their incident is still being investigated.
  • Contact the end-user and tell them the truth. Honesty is the best policy and you have nothing to report as the incident ticket has not been updated since it was escalated to the 2nd level support group.
  • Inform the Service Desk manager that the ticket has not been updated within 24 hours.


Your organization has defined the following criteria for determining the impact on the business of an incident.

  • High impact: a vital business function is unavailable to an entire department
  • Medium impact: a regular business function is unavailable to part of a department
  • Low impact: a single desktop or non-critical peripheral device is unavailable

Consider the following three incidents:

  • Incident 1: The vice-president of the finance department reports that her laptop keeps rebooting. She has an important report to complete.
  • Incident 2: The supervisor of the payroll department reports that he has just received the Y’ new tax tables from the government. These tables must be incorporated into the payroll system as soon as possible.
  • Incident 3: The supervisor of the distribution center reports that she can not print the shipping manifests. All printouts are totally illegible.

Which of these incidents has a high business impact based on the information available at this time?

  • Incident 1
  • Incident 2
  • Incident 3


It is weil known that mature Problem Management reHes on an effective and efficient Incident Management process.

Besides an accurate and detailed description of the incident, what other information will Problem Management require from Incident Management?

  • detailed historical data on incidents
  • the associated SLA of the faulty CI
  • the escalation procedure and contact information

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