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One of the critical success factors for the ITIL Incident Management process is to “resolve Incidents quickly”. To support this critical …

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The categorization of Incidents can produce a first step towards Problem definition. ITIL Problem Management therefore should closelv relate with Incident Management with regard to establishing common Incident and Problem categories. Appropriate categories should be created both for recording reported Incidents and for recording the finally detected causes.

In which terms should the categories for recording reported Incidents be created?

  • Customer terms
  • IT terms
  • Management terms


Critical Success Factors (CSF) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) can provide very useful information. One of the critical success factors for the Incident Management process is to “resolve Incidents quickly”. To support this critical success factor many KPI can be used.

Which of the following KPI will be useful to help you demonstrate the good performance of the Incident Management process?

Which of the following structures is the stated objective mostly applicable to?

  • percentage reduction in average time to respond to a call for assistance from first-Iine support staff
  • percentage reduction of Incidents incorrectly categorized
  • reduced mean elapsed time for resolution or circumvention of Incidents, broken down by impact code


While reviewing Incident and Problem records, it is found support groups have not adhered to the escalation thresholds. These thresholds were established based on the Service Levels agreed with the customers. When questioned, support groups state the escalation thresholds are too short and/or not reasonable timeframes. As a result, the support groups request more time before the event is escalated (e.g., i~crease the escalation threshold).

Which one of the following is the most effective improvement option to ensure adherence to the escalation thresholds?

  • improve the escalation process and procedures
  • renegotiate the OLA to tie the performance of OLA to annual bonus pay
  • renegotiate the SLA to allow for more relaxed escalation thresholds


Last month’s Incident Management Report showed large numbers of records of solved Incidents remain unclosed for a long period . In practice, not all Incident records are closed immediately after recovery.

What will be the effect of these unclosed Incident records?

  • Clients are not informed about the resolution.
  • Incident response-time targets will be exceeded.
  • Service Desk staff is not familiar with closure procedure.


You are the Service Desk Manager in your organization. The Service Desk has been in place for a while and you believe that it is time to improve the visibility of your support services to Users, because you believe the visibility is critical to the success of Service Desk, even though the Incident Management process is far from full maturity. The Service Desk needs to generate a more positive image among the end user community as weil as increasing end-user confidence in the Service Desk’s ability to assist them.

Which of the following technique should you use to accomplish this goal?

  • Identify and train super users to help reduce the number of calls to the Service Desk.
  • Invite Customers to visit your computer training and support facilities.
  • Provide the end-users with the access to the Incident Management tool so that they can follow¬up on the status of their own Incident. You would also provide them with the training on how to use the tool effectively.

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