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Why should ITIL Service Desk staff be informed about major issues, concerns, performance ladfvevels and achievements of the Incident Management process?

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ITIL Practitioner Support Questions


ITIL Service Desk staff frequently receive reports from the Service Desk manager.

Why should you as ITIL Service Desk staff be informed about major issues, concerns, performance levels and achievements of the Incident Management process?

  • Service Desk staff provide business management with this type of information.
  • Service Desk staff require this type of information for balancing Service Desk utilization.
  • To provide a common service objective for all Service Desk staff.


An important aspect of Problem Management is to make workarounds available to the Service Desk. Typically, an operational procedure is established to ensure the workaround is provided to the Service Desk in a consistent manner.

What information must also be provided in the procedure besides the workaround and associated instructions on how to use the workaround?

  • the category and impact code of the problem record related to the workaround
  • the search terms for finding this workaround and linking similar incidents to this workaround
  • the status of the problem for communication with the user


You are the Problem Manager in your organization. You are given a quarterly trend analysis report from one of your staff.

Based on the information provided what is the best step to address these issues?

  • consult with the business to determine which issues are the most pressing
  • investigate the root cause of the top 5 most frequently reported issues
  • provide more training to the users as it is evident that lack of training is an issue


You are the Problem Manager for your organization. You have just completed the resolution of a very major Problem. Before you can close the Problem record, best practice calls for a review of actions. You publish an agenda for the meeting and invite the appropriate people to determine:

  • What was done right?
  • What was done wrong?
  • How to prevent the Problem from happening again?

In order to conduct a full major Problem review, what is missing from the agenda?

  • Review of the Incident Management process
  • Review of the Problem Management process
  • What could be done better next time?


As part of your duties as the Incident Manager you must organize Incident database backups, archives and housekeeping. The question of when and what to archive is based on several considerations, including:

  • the usefulness of the content
  • wht. it is still required at the Service Desk or online
  • whether it is a type of request that needs to be archived
  • whether the data is required because of a relationship with another Customer Incident still being processed

What other piece of information should you add to your list to make it complete?

  • the age of the requests
  • the priority of the requests
  • the volume of requests

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